Peer review of repeatability lab report.

Each team should bring
  • Two hard copies of their report (skip the appendixes - no need to waste paper)
  • A copy on a USB stick (for display on a computer screen)

We have five teams, which makes a direct swap difficult. So the essence of what we will do is this ...
  • each team gives their report to a review team
  • the review team spends 25 minutes reviewing the report, taking detailed written notes on a laptop
  • the review team sends ONE spokesperson to the reviewed team to report comments (15 minutes)
  • the review team emails the written notes to one member of the reviewed team, who will then distribute to other members
  • all teams get together, discuss comments, and plan revisions (30 minutes)

To expedite this, here are detailed procedures ...
  • get into your lab report teams, each team at a set of tables with a large computer screen (on team will use the front computer)
  • hand hard copy and USB stick of to the adjacent team in a clockwise direction
  • spokesperson gets a laptop from the cart to take notes. You can also mark up the hard copies.* begin review by 13:35
  • complete review by 14:00
  • spokesperson takes laptop with notes and marked-up hard copy to reviewed team (move one table counter-clockwise) and reports comments
  • complete this by 14:15
  • regroup into original teams to discuss comments, plan revisions. At this point, the spokesperson, who was missing during the review, gets brought up to speed on the issues
  • complete this by 14:40
  • write up main / muddy points - What is the main point you got out of this week's work? What is there that's confusing you about this week's work?