Misc notes from class today (2009 Mar 18)

Our sample points in google maps,-78.749912&spn=0.064258,0.102825&t=h&z=13&msid=103176833392907475830.0004657c8a97a41ff0373

KML file of our sample points - exported from Arc for import to Google maps (ie, the things the above link points to):

2. When a sample point fell on a pond, we moved the point downstream until it was on a stream.
3. plot size=.5km downstream from the sample point.
4. Initially, 50 random sample points were taken. All the points that were on Lake Wheeler were thrown out. The left over points were imported to google maps. We then categorized the left over points as good, bad, or unsure (bad=if was not actually on a stream, unsure=if we could not see a stream, good=obviously on a stream)

1. TO export a layer from Arc to Google Maps

In Arc ...
3D Analyst
KML Layer

Select the layer you want to export
Give a name to the export file
Enter 24000 for the scale (evidence is that it doesn't matter what you put there)
Save the file

In Google Maps
You must have a google ID - log on
Go to My Maps
Create New Map
select the file you saved from Arc and import it.
You can then save your map and there will be a URL that you can use to share it.