Natural Resources Measurements
Final Presentation Agenda

Tuesday 2009 April 28, 13.30-15.30
Room 3214 Jordan Hall

13.30 Introduction (Hess)
- TLC members to introduce themselves
- Class members will introduce themselves as they present
  • Last semester , a team of graduate students suggested some indicators of conservation success that Triangle Land Conservancy might use on scales ranging from a particular property to the entire region.
  • This semester, undergraduate students in Natural Resources Measurements tried some of them out.
  • Today, we will describe what they did and what they found.

13.45 Land Cover
- James Boykin, Joe Bradley, Brannon Williams
  • An overview of land cover change in the Triangle, 1992-2001.
  • How much of our Significant Natural Heritage Areas are protected?

14.00 Stream Buffers
- Leha Andres (speaking), Bennett Jeffreys, Keeley Jones, Wes Owens, Ashley Smith
  • A method for estimating buffer breaches (pipes, ditches, roads) and Neuse River Buffer Rule violations per unit length of stream.

14.15 Stream Health
- Kelly Dempsey, Kate Grant (speaking), Carra Herring, Will Patterson
  • Collecting data and reporting on stream health using a "report card."

14.30 Exotic Vegetation
- John Atkinson, Liz Montgomery (speaking), Leanne Penry, Johnathan Sutton, LeeAnna Young (speaking)
  • A simple procedure for estimating the extent of exotic invasive vegetation.

14.45 Farmland
- Joseph Daniels, Emily Koone, Gena Simpson (speaking)
  • Changes in farmland in Chatham County, NC, during the past two decades.
  • How extensive is the use of better management practices?

15.00 Open Discussion

15.30 Adjourn