Class Assignments and Agenda for Week 14, 2008 Dec 5

Class meets from 9:10 - 11:55A in 3214 Jordan Hall on the NCSU Campus. You are free to bring food and drink to this classroom.

  • Complete final presentation
  • Organization for final presentation (food, coffee, logistics, etc)
  • Complete course evaluations (if you haven't done them yet)

Things to do before our meeting - please read all items, regardless of team

Item 1: Develop final presentation powerpoint materials and deliver to Louise by Wed 3PM. You can use George's example as a template - it was created in conformance with the standards we agreed upon. See FinalTalkPart1.2008.12.01.ppt in the readings file.

Item 2: As you do this, please develop a list of materials for the packet we'd like to hand to our audience members. Please add this information to the Final Seminar wiki page and begin to assemble these materials. I (George) will collect them from you by email early next week for assembly.

Item 3: Each property team should complete their property summary document using the template provided (it has been emailed to you, and you can refer to the example on the top of the Temple Flat Rock page). Please upload and link to the top of your property page by Friday.

Item 4: Class evaluation - please go to the class evaluation web site and submit your evaluation of the course by Monday 8 Dec - that is the last day the system is open. - you will need to log on with your NCSU Unity IDs.

9.10 Preliminaries (Hess)
- Note taker - main function today is to keep list of action items =
- Time keeper =

9.15 Presentation Review
- Go through each part of the final seminar, with critique- Define handout components for each portion and develop a list of documents for the handout packet, and the order in which they are to be included

9.20 - Hess: Intro / Regional start / TFR
9.40 - Little River tool for developing visions, goals, targets, and identifying threats10.00 - Berryhill tool for undertaking viability analysis10.20 - Kuenzler tool for monitoring water quality
10.40 - Weidner - regional goals and indicators
11.00 - Who - lessons learned

11.30 Logistics- Creating handout packet: Hess can get copies made if all parts are to him by Wed noon- Food, coffee, seating, etc* Hess will get coffee made
- What about our lunch? How shall we do that?

11.55 Adjourn