Planning and Agenda for Final Seminar / Workshop

12 Dec 9:30-11:30 for seminar
Class meets 9-1PM (including setup, lunch and debrief).


Introductory Material IntroductoryMaterial.2008.12.12.pdf

Conservation Scorecard ConservationScorecard.2008.12.12.pdf
Stream Water Quality StreamToolkit.2009.01.13.pdf
Target and Threat Assessment TargetThreatAssessmentTool.2008.12.06.pdf

Property Reviews
Berryhill BerryhillProperty.2008.12.10.pdf
Kuenzler KuenzlerProperty.2008.12.10.pdf
Little River LittleRiverProperty.2008.12.08.pdf
Temple Flat Rock TempleFlatRockProperty.2008.12.09.pdf

TLC Regional Concept TLCRegionalSummary.2008.12.11.pdf


09.30 Brief introductions of Audience members only (Students will introduce themselves with their teams or if they ask a question)
- It's OK to ask questions during the presentations

09.35 Introduction - George Hess

09.45 TLCs Conservation Vision & Targets - George Hess (Emily Weidner, Jeff Masten)

09.55 Temple Flat Rock - George Hess (whole class)

10.10 Discussion break

10.15 Conservation value scorecard - Louise Alexander (Mary Hall, Debbie Hoffbeck)

10.25 Target and threat assessment - Maria Palamar (Steve Allen, Jessie Allen)

10.35 Stream water quality assessment - Kate Golden (Julia Gruber, Kathryn Reis)

10.45 Discussion break

11.00 Regional - Emily Weidner (George Hess, Jeff Masten)

11.10 Conclusions - Jeff Masten (whole class)

11.15 Discussion

11.30 Adjourn

  • TLC Staff
  • TLC Board
  • NCSU faculty and students
  • People from other organizations