State of Environment for the Triangle Region of NC

George Hess , in collaboration with Triangle Land Conservancy , is offering a graduate collaborative research course during the Spring 2010 semester. The objective of the course is to create a State of Environment report for the Triangle Region of North Carolina (defined here as Chatham, Durham, Johnston, Lee, Orange, and Wake Counties).

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The report will cover the four public benefits that TLC conserves land to support (MVB2009.11.12b.pdf):
  • wildlife habitat
  • clean water
  • local farms and food
  • connecting people with nature

The report will be modeled to some degree after the Heinz Center's State of The Nation's Ecosystem 2008 and also be similar to the State of Environment that Orange County (NC) just released

This effort is the continuation of work began by a group of 9 graduate students during a Fall 2008 special topics course, Measuring Conservation Success . Their work is leading to significant changes in the way TLC considers and communicates its conservation efforts and will have lasting effect on the Triangle's landscapes.

The course is NR595-001 Lec 26837 ... 3 credits ... Fri 9:10-11:55 and meets in 3214 Jordan Hall at NC State ... start date is Fri 15 Jan, end date Fri 30 April with final presentation on Fri 7 May. || Application form ... SOE2010Application.doc

If you have any questions about the course, please contact George Hess .

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